The Socialist Body

Perhaps the body-mind is a colony of single-cell organisms, drawn together for a brief period of co-operation to facilitate what we refer to as a life. Like a colony of ants, each with its own specific function and purpose, each individual cell works for the societal good of the group.

Inhalation is the unifier of this co-operative. Close your eyes, breathe in, and feel. The in-breath gathers and energises all of the cells of the body, unifying them in the purpose of living. If in-breath is the means of production, any surplus product of the breath (in the form of energy) accrues to the body-mind’s society at large, not to individual cells. Inhalation is parigraha; attachment to life. It is a necessary condition of living.

Exhale. The exhalation reveals and explores space within and between the cells. During exhalation all of our constituent parts are in synchronised motion with the expansion of the universe. Exhalation is aparigraha; non-attachment. It is a necessary condition of dying.

Normally, the exhalation is unconsciously and naturally followed by the next inhalation. In this way the cycle of breath, the cycle of gathering and dispersing, of productivity and distribution, continues; and the health and functionality of the colony is upheld.

If there is no inhalation after exhalation then the separation started by the exhalation, that is the dispersion into space of all the cells of the body, continues indefinitely in alignment with universal expansion. This is the ultimate demise of the colony, and the end of what we refer to as a life. It is the complete and inevitable re-distribution of energetic wealth.

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