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    Hereford Yoga Centre is the city’s first professional, fully-equipped facility dedicated to the practice of yoga. It is run by a community focused not-for-profit organisation.

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YOGA IS GOING ON PRESCRIPTION! Know someone who would benefit from 10 free yoga classes? Could you volunteer as a Buddy?


Since our inception as a Community Interest Company in 2014, it has been our ambition to offer free yoga via the NHS. You can imagine then how excited we are to be piloting a project with Belmont, Cantilupe and Wargrave surgeries in Hereford. This Social Prescribing programme is funded by Herefordshire Community Foundation, the Fred Bulmer Trust and Sport England.
We are specifically trying to reach people who haven’t done yoga before, and to break down any perceived barriers to participation. Even if prescribed by the GP for free, people might find it daunting to come to a new place for the first time; they might struggle with access to transport; they might need some reassurance about what to bring and where to go.
If you know anyone who is registered at Wargrave, Cantilupe or Belmont that would benefit (or yourself of course!) get them to speak to their GP to grab a free prescription! They are in limited supply!
Want to volunteer?
We’ve also developed a ‘Buddy-up scheme’ to support patients make the best use of their 10 yoga classes. Each patient will be matched up with a ‘buddy’; someone who is familiar with the Yoga Centre and is able to offer a little time to make contact, answer questions, be a friendly face, perhaps accompany them at their first class, send reminders and possibly offer help with transport.
If this is something you could do, please get in touch! We know that everyone is working with different schedules and commitments, so if you’re interested click below to fill in the short questionnaire so that we know what you can do. Even a little of your time can make a big difference.
Complete the availability survey here: https://forms.gle/NqSKo6JyKQ3svT1c7
All buddies will be offered a free class at HYC, and we are sure that the volunteering experience will be fulfilling, fun and a great way to develop a sense of community; something especially precious and fragile in these times.
Feel free to drop us a message or email us at info@herefordyoga.co.uk with any questions you have.








Our Enhanced Practice workshops are designed to help you become a yoga practitioner in a very real, comprehensive and, yes, practical sense.

We’ll help you to develop your practice at home so that it becomes an integral part of your routine. We’ll discuss how yoga relates to everyday living, what obstacles you may come across, and will look at a broad range of aspects of yoga philosophy. We also welcome suggested topics of interest from students and will happily cover those! This year, the day also includes a 1 hour Pranayama class.

These workshops are suitable for people with a minimum of 2 years’ experience in Iyengar yoga classes. 10AM-3PM.

Available in-studio and online.


25 Sept

27 Nov

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Join Jenny-May for an exclusive 5-part online course focussing on the yamas (yoga’s universal ethical disciplines, experienced through the practice of asana, poses).

How can we practise the yamas through asana? 
What does each of the yamas mean, how is it experienced and how can that experience be applied in practical terms both on and off the mat?
The yamas are the first ‘limb’ of yoga; the universal ethical disciplines that lead to successful social living. Jenny-May will teach 5 pre-recorded sessions of around 75-90 minutes per class, exploring each ethical principle through a particular ‘family’ of asanas:

Ahimsa – non-violence (with standing poses)

Satya – truth (with forward bending poses)

Asteya – non-stealing (with back bending poses)

Brahmacharya – continence in desires (with abdominal and seated poses)

Aparigraha – non-covetousness (with restorative poses)

We will send you a bespoke web link to a private YouTube playlist where you will have unlimited access to all 5 classes. They’re yours to keep! All we need from you is an email address linked to a Google account to enable access via YouTube. That’s it! (If you need tech support, get in touch).

The guideline price is £100 but we are also offering the course on a ‘pay-as-you-feel’ basis. Once purchased, the course content can be rewatched as often as you like. Please get in touch if you’re interested. Suitable for everyone with some experience of Iyengar Yoga.

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