Yoga Classes


Class bookings can be made via the platform Vagaro – You can download the Vagaro app  or alternatively book online.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any difficulty with the app:

Discounted Classes

Discount codes for those eligible can be applied to both class booking and packages, please use the codes below when booking (please provide proof of ID and/or benefit on arrival at the centre):

Concessions: we offer a 10% discount for classes and packages for students, retired over 65s, those on benefits or parental leave.

Concession discount code for classes: CONCESSIONCLASS

Concession discount code for packages: CONCESSIONPACKAGE

Young Adults: aged between 16 and 24? You get a special reduction of £5 across all of our classes!
Use code: YOUNGADULT on class bookings


Yoga offers a secure, progressive and meaningful way of remaining in good physical and mental shape. Yoga will help you to retain a perspective that is at once healthy, grounded and calm. This will help not only you but those around you.

Foundation Courses

Start from the beginning! Our 8-week Foundation Course will take you through the basic poses and concepts of Iyengar yoga in a progressive way. Suitable for complete beginners of all ages and fitness levels. You don’t have to join a Foundation Course to start yoga with us; any Beginner level class is suitable, just get in touch.


The perfect start for those who have never tried yoga before or those who have completed our Foundation Course and want more! In our beginners’ classes you will learn the introductory asanas (poses) in a structured way to enable a basic understanding of alignment, directionality and extension. Our teachers know how to help you adjust in the poses to suit your physical ability. A class truly suitable for all.


Mixed-level classes. Leave our general class feeling energised, uplifted and restored. Asana sequences focus on a different area each week to give a varied, dynamic practice.

Suitable for all students who have minimum 1 year’s experience of Iyengar Yoga practice.


Often dynamic and challenging, the intermediate classes require a strong basic grounding in asana practice. These will be explored in increasing depth throughout the year. 

Suitable for students who have a minimum of 2 years experience of regular Iyengar yoga practice. Please inquire before booking your first class.


Your teacher will guide you through a series of poses to help reduce tightness, increase flexibility and improve overall well-being. Perfect for those who suffer from conditions such as arthritis, reduced mobility and joint pain, or just general stiffness of the body. All ages welcome!

YoGuy: Men’s Class

Men do yoga, too! This class for men will help with strengthening, alignment, improving fitness and flexibility, while reducing symptoms of stress and fatigue.

Suitable for beginners and general practitioners alike. Find your yo-guy community in this class!

YoWo: Women’s Class

A space where women can feel comfortable, seen and empowered in their practice. This women-only class is suitable for beginners and general practitioners alike.

Sleep better, stress less, feel a sense of balance.

Children- Term-time Thursdays, 4.30-5.20 pm

Yoga helps children grow in health, poise and confidence. It is a quick, effective and fun way of getting kids active. It helps children feel good about themselves and builds resilience. It can be used both to boost energy and to calm down.

This fun, fast-paced class is suitable for all kids in school years 1-6. Term-time only.

First online class is free!

Hybrid Timetable…

If you are planning on booking an online class with us, please book on at least a day ahead of class.

Day Time Class Teacher
Monday 10.00am – 12.00pm Intermediate Jenny-May In-studio + Online
5.45pm – 7.15pm Beginners Prabhakara In-studio 
7.30pm – 9.00pm YoGuy – men only (inc. beginners) Prabhakara In-studio
6.00pm – 7.30pm General Jenny-May In-studio + Online
7.45pm – 9.00pm Beginners Jenny-May In-studio + Online
Wednesday 9:15am-10:30am Beginners Jenny-May In-studio + Online
10:45am-12:15pm General Jenny-May In-studio + Online
2.30pm-3.45pm Gentle  Prabhakara In-studio
6.30pm-8.00pm Beginners Prabhakara In-studio
Thursday 09.30am – 11.00am YoWo – women only (inc. beginners) Jenny-May In-studio + Online
6.30pm – 8.30pm Intermediate  Jenny-May In-studio + Online
Friday Private groups and individual lessons
Saturday 9.30am – 11.00am Beginners Jane, Jenny-May, Prabhakara, Rowena,  Lisa In-studio
Sunday Monthly Pranayama Classes: Sunday May 12th, 6:30pm-8pm, in-studio & online

ENHANCED PRACTICE WORKSHOPS: 26 May, 21 Jul, 29 Sept, 24 Nov


Your current class pass may be used for online classes.

A special COVID-19 50% discount is available for online classes, for those experiencing financial insecurity as a result of the pandemic. Please do use this, but only if you need to!

You can buy blocks of classes. A package of 10 classes is valid for 16 weeks, and a package of 5  for 8 weeks – both from the date or purchase.
Children 1hour 15min classes 1hour 30min classes 2 hour classes
Single class £7.00 £11.00 £12.00 £14.00
Five classes Half term £6.00 per class £52.50 £57.50 £67.50
Ten classes Sibling discounts available £100.00 £110.00 £130.00


Young Adults: aged between 16 and 24? You get a special reduction of £5 across all of our classes!
Use code: YOUNGADULT on class bookings




 15 minutes before your class, you will receive an email with a link. Click on the link, follow the simple instructions to join Zoom and you will be in the class!

You will be able to see the teacher, and if you have a webcam you can choose that they can see you too, or not. You do not need a webcam to participate.


We have all the equipment you need to borrow at the studio. We also welcome you to bring your own from home.

The classic Iyengar Yoga kit includes:

a sticky yoga mat, 1 blanket, 1 belt, 2 bricks, 4 blocks

We also have all equipment available to purchase on-site:

  • Mat – £22
  • Belt – £5
  • Blanket – £15
  • Cork brick –  £8
  • Pair of bricks – £15
  • Foam block – £4
  • Set of 4 blocks – £15
  • Full kit (1 mat, 1 blanket, 1 belt, 2 cork bricks, 4 foam blocks) – £65
  • HYC Tshirt – £15

Tech Support FAQ

Q: When attending online, how do I ask a question during class? No one can hear me when I try?
A: You will be muted when you join the class- but you can unmute to ask questions at any point. If you have a PC or Mac, just press and hold the space bar to unmute. You will automatically mute again when you stop pressing the space bar.


Contact us

If you have any questions at all about any of the above, or need help with booking and accessing classes do get in touch by email or phone. We are here to help.

We very much look forward to seeing you in class soon!