It makes me feel so much better: no matter what state I’m in when I arrive, I’m always aligned and centred when I leave. (EV)

I have two artificial hips and really dodgy knees too. Iyengar yoga classes are brilliant for me. I can work within my own limits and she helps me keep strong and supple! (AM)

I come despite feeling like a glass of wine. I soon feel energised, more aware of the “now” and my body’s creases. Yoga comes back to me in the week when slouching or tired. The teacher is great and we have fun too! (BH)

In retirement and post-traumatic injury, yoga keeps me pain-free in joints and muscles and the teacher’s approach always returns my body to ease and my mind to calm. (AB)

The classes are fun, accessible for all (young, old, novice or experienced), relaxing and invigorating. The yoga makes you think more clearly about how you use your body and in this way has really helped me with my lower back pain and sciatica. (LW)

I come to get a complete break from hectic family life. Yoga requires concentration, so stops me thinking about what I need to do at home. The small class means I can’t hide away at the back and have to put the effort in! I leave relaxed and recharged. The classes are very friendly and the small size allows for the personal touch. (ER)

It has taught me that the practice of yoga can expand beyond just stretching exercises. (AG)

It helps me get in tune with my body and switch off completely from my busy day. (GP)

Having experienced many different forms of yoga, I have found Iynegar Yoga at Hereford Yoga. The yoga classes always engage my busy brain and really work my body, working muscles that are often happy to hide. Through her perceptive care and attention the teacher often gently shows me that I can move more than I think I can and for that I am very grateful. (HDS)

It helps me helps me run/cycle/snowboard without injury, it relieves the problems of a desk job, it’s a moment to myself. it helps me put life in perspective! (JP)

It helps me to keep a positive outlook. (NS)

I need to keep fit and flexible to train and exercise my dogs. (EB)

I am working on recovering from road accident trauma and maintaining the recovery. (AB)