Calling Women


In towns and cities everywhere

The fathers yawn, the children stare

And wonder ‘Why did mummy go?

Will she be here if we get snow?

She’ll not be there to make my tea,

To make things fair for she, for he.

Some time at least she’ll be away

And I will have to go and play

With aunty, uncle, cousin, friend,

Granny, gramps, a neighbour, send

Her messages and miss her cuddles,

Look to dad to sort our muddles’.

Well done, children. Don’t be glum.

The world is out there for your mum.

The more she sees, the more she does,

The more she accesses the buzz

Of living with wide open eyes,

Of saying ‘yes’ to each surprise,

Inhabiting her body-mind

And breathing deep with wo/man-kind,

The more when home, you’ll see, she will

Have joyful heart and sharpened skill.

Love’s intimate caress is writ

On body, soul, and there will sit

In witness to her gratitude

That other people got your food.

Other people found your shoes,

The other things you always lose,

Gave a kiss and cheered you on

In order that she could be gone.

So thank you children, and the rest,

It’s really great, we are so blessed.

Calling women: play away

Then cherish more the every-day.

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