We’ve Been Shortlisted!

We’ve been contacted by one of those organisations that publishes the ‘top 50…’ in the UK. They are doing Yoga Studios, and Hereford Yoga Centre has cropped up in their initial survey. They asked me to forward a paragraph about why I think our students have voted for us. So I thought I’d share my response:

Why do you feel your Yoga Studio was recommended based on its unique benefits to its customers?

Hereford Yoga Centre occupies a special place at the heart of a wonderful community. It’s our small city’s only facility dedicated solely the study and practice of yoga, serving a largely rural population who have limited access to the kinds of high-grade facilities found frequently in large urban centres. It’s the FIRST Iyengar yoga centre in the UK to be publicly funded (with a grant from Sport England) and boasts a beautiful, fully equipped, bespoke designed studio. Hereford Yoga Centre is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of the whole community by providing the highest quality teaching through inclusive methods. As well as offering specialised classes for kids, teens, women, men and older people, we deliver a comprehensive outreach programme in community settings such as mental health services, schools and colleges, and with local charities tackling domestic abuse and the difficulties associated with visual impairment. Hereford Yoga Centre is a not for profit organisation. Our students know that the fees they pay, as well as providing them with tools and knowledge to develop a more active, healthy and balanced way of life for themselves, offer the same opportunity to those in need free of charge. Healthy individuals means healthier communities and a healthier, more equal society. That’s worth practicing for.
We hope you agree!
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