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    Hereford Yoga Centre is the city’s first professional, fully-equipped facility dedicated to the practice of yoga. It is run by a community focused not-for-profit organisation.

    Yoga Classes For All


Iyengar Yoga Foundation Courses: Learn the basics in a structured and progressive way.  6-week courses on Wednesday mornings and evenings 19th Sept-24th Oct, suitable for complete beginners

Next Pranayama Class Sunday 30th September 6-8 pm. Make a more in-depth study of the yogic art of breathing. Suitable for students with minimum 18 months regular Iyengar Yoga practice

Autumn Workshop with Edgar Stringer: Sunday 21st October 10 am-4.30 pm. A wonderful opportunity to explore how yoga practice can uplift all aspects of your life.




Iyengar Yoga Class

Beginners, General & Intermediate Yoga Classes

Everyone can integrate into a beginners’ class (no matter what age/fitness). General classes are mixed level, at least one year's experience preferred. Intermediate classes require 2 years Iyengar yoga practise.
Yoga for young children and adults

Children’s & Young Adult Yoga Classes

We cater for 6-11 year olds with fun, fast-paced classes to help children grow in strength, poise and confidence. There is also a yoga class specifically for young adults, aimed at promoting active lifestyles.
Men Only Yoga Class

Men only (YoGuy) & Women only (YoWo) Yoga Classes

Think yoga’s just for women? Our men only class will help with strengthening and alignment, improving fitness and flexibility. We also offer women only sessions for women who prefer single sex groups.


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